What Do We Do?

MediPhasics provides technology and services, reimbursable under Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans, on behalf of primary care physicians. Our services are specifically qualified for billing under ‘General Supervision’, meaning an entity (doctor, NP, PA, etc.) authorized to bill Medicare charges, can contract these specific items to an independent company that provides same under her/his auspices.

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Female doctor taking the blood pressure of an elderly man

Improve Patient Engagement and Quality of Life

Female doctor taking the blood pressure of an elderly man

Class II FDA Cleared Technology

The technology we deploy is Class II FDA cleared. This means that the FDA has cleared both the device as a proficient and acceptable medical instrument, and the software used for data capture and management (in conjunction with the device) has been cleared as a ‘system’. This differs markedly from ‘apps’ that capture data in a phone or other device and in turn provide the patient an opportunity to forward that to the physician.

The data we provide to the practice is certified and auditable. All transmissions are encrypted on both ends of the connection, and fully HIPAA compliant. Our interactive services are provided through software that keeps a full audit trail. Time and date stamped, certified connection time, identity of MediPhasics agent are all captured and available for audit and inspection.

Why Choose MediPhasics?

You can choose from many offers in the remote monitoring market; why choose MediPhasics? Here are a few interesting facts: