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“Adding MotiSpark increased telemedicine appointment rates 4x during a pilot phase.”

Personalized Video Text-Messages that Spark Wellness.

Personalized video messages that deliver ongoing support through a delightful blend of positive psychology, neuroscience, community & humor

Give your patients a sense of ongoing support through an easy to use SMS interactive videos service that gives them instant access to evidence-based strategies for dealing with life’s struggles and motivate them to keep checking their blood pressure at home.

Once enrolled, the patient gets text messages that link to personalized videos and fun quizzes to spark motivation and learning. The will get between 1 and 12 videos/month, depending on what they want.

MotiSpark has been built to:

  • Inspire patients to stick to their healthcare plans at home, with particular emphasis on taking their blood pressure on a regular basis

  • Create a sense of personalized support from caregivers and coaches to improve patient loyalty and retention

  • Improve self-care knowledge and practice

  • Build intrinsic motivation and sense of hope/purpose while improving anxiety and depression levels

  • Bring awareness to trusted online and local resources that include timely resources such those related to Covid19

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