Why MediPhasics?

MediPhasics provides technology and services, reimbursable under Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans, on behalf of the practice. Our team has tremendous experience in practice management, telemedicine, and telehealth. We designed our program so that it creates the least possible workflow change in your practice, with the highest possible outcomes and financial impact.

We are organized to accomplish three specific goals:

    1. Enhance practice revenue through full utilization of meaningful CPT services.
    2. Elevate revenue generation through improved outcomes supported by real data.
    3. Improve patient engagement and quality of life.

The technology we deploy is Class II FDA cleared. This means that the FDA has cleared both the device as a proficient and acceptable medical instrument, and the software used for data capture and management (in conjunction with the device) has been cleared as a ‘system’. This differs markedly from ‘apps’ that capture data in a phone or other device and in turn provide the patient an opportunity to forward that to the physician.

Our interactive services are provided using a highly advanced cloud platform that keeps a full audit trail of every transaction. Time and date stamped, certified connection time, identity of MediPhasics agent are all captured and available for audit and inspection. We provide the practice with a DEDICATED phone line for handling all inquiries from patients about the program, technology and its utilization. Again, minimal interruption to the practice is a primary concern for us, and for you.

We love what we do and believe completely in the significant positive impact a remote patient monitoring program can have. It improves outcomes and, perhaps most importantly, it is s truly a giant leap forward for a patients’ ability to access better care.


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