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500 Medicare patients can put $300,000 on your bottom line AND improve outcomes.

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About MediPhasics

Hundreds of doctors helped us build this program. For maximum financial impact with minimum workflow change.

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A Validated Program

We provide the technology and 99% of the labor.  A TURN-KEY program with no out-of-pocket costs … EVER.

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Features You Will Appreciate

Our program design guarantees you, your practice, and your patients get the best possible results.

Tested and Proven Technology

Class II Medical device clearance is for professional instruments. FDA cleared the device and the software working together as a single unit. Clearance is for the ‘system’ of measurement, data capture, transmission, and interpretation.  Accurate.  Reliable.  Cell phone ‘apps’ and drug-store ‘wearables’ are a completely different class of devices … which we avoid.

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About Our Team

We have vast experience in practice management, medical devices, medical records, telemedicine, and telehealth. We designed a program that creates the least possible workflow change in your practice while delivering the best possible outcomes.  We deliver elevated patient satisfaction with real behavioral modification.  A premium service with strong financial return to your practice.  Makes it really worth being a doctor.

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